About Health Fusion

Health Fusion was formed in 2010 by a Master Herbalist from the School of Natural Healing with over a decade in the natural healing and herbal industry. Health Fusion has a simple goal and philosophy: To offer the absolute highest quality, most therapeutic, 100% pure, energetically optimal, completely natural products available to uplift and improve the health of our customers, all at fair prices. 

This means no up lines or overpriced buying structure, no games, no gimmicks, no fillers, no extenders, no excipients, no synthetics, no standardizing and no GMO’s. With this in mind and our determination and a passion for natural healing we set out to sort through the hype, myths, misinformation, and gimmicks so often offered with essential oils.

We started with questions. Lots of them! We kept asking and comparing until we realized no single source fully met each and every one of our quality guidelines and goals. So, naturally we started to branch out to the farmers themselves. We compared areas, test results, aromas, growing styles, soil types, species, altitudes, distillation methods, equipment materials used, and care given before, during and after production, fertilizer types and more! We found ourselves sourcing from all over the world yet always being led to producers who truly care about their plants and products and still take pride in their work. With that same level of care offer our products to you!